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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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area. the temperature somewhat cooler yesterday, low 90's, and the heat index values are lower. far we have hit 90 degrees 27 imes this year. we had done that 37 times. different is the moisture in the air. it is 100 degrees and the is 115, it is tough. els like 101 degrees gaithersburg, 102 degrees in the city. tomorrow, partly cloudy, hot, humid, feeling like 110 degrees t times. the full forecast coming out. but had outside to find out dealing with the heat. >> the most important no during h heat is the person who knows air-conditioning repair. >> if you were outside today, you were probably on comfortable. here in silver spring
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fix, but most people in our area had to drip through the day. three days after his air conditioning went out, this man is finally hoping to catch a good night's sleep. >> the worst part is when it is too hot to sleep comfortably. >> the scorching sun putting d.c. under the excessive heat so muchs putting ure on air-conditioning that the repairmen are averaging 7 calls per day, almost double his usual. >> this week has turned out to brutal. really humid. >> unfortunately, there is no fixing the air-conditioning in this office. >> you have to deliver the mail. >> from down, but to dupont, day and bracingeat wave come.hat is to
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not any sea-tac when you are -- not an easy task when you are it with a flame in your face. >> sometimes we come back to do the job. >> officials are trying to help. the d.c. department of parks and will be extending swimming hours tomorrow through sunday. onto to get that information. listen to these numbers. heat advisory is and warnings across 27 states tonight. 141 million people are in the this intense heat wave, and at last count 22 heat- have died from elated illness, mainly in the west. utility companies are also watching the power grid. >> if you see any amazing impact of thee , please send them to us at
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> a change of heart of the future of the dulles metrorail project. the metropolitan washington airports authority voted 11-1 to the department of suggestion of a ensive above-ground tion, but some drivers are morerned about how much the will have to pay on dulles toll road. >> this is a complete 180 following pressure on the the joblevel to get done. an above-ground station at the savings of about $1 billion. when metro trains finally arrive rport, they will an above-ground station, n today after years of controversy and debate. the u.s. department of onnsportation put pressure washingtonlitan airport authority board to accept the cheaper alternative
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station.ove-ground >> every year we wait, it will have a considerable cost penalty to the taxpayers. >> the station will be built at north end of the garage and will be climate-controlled, other metro stations. one board member voted against the transportation secretary ray lahood's plan. would be embarrassed at the international gateway airport has a slipshod station like this. is is an embarrassment and an age. >> the concern is how much the project will raise the cost of tolls on the dulles toll road. >> the people who ride the rails should be paying is least at -- at least as much as others to take the toll road. mother said the time has above-route option. >> others say that the time has come for the above-route
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option. is cheaper and quicker, two things that i like about it. >> fairfax county and loudoun county have to approve the plan. to footre being asked for a metro station on 128 as well as a parking garage. kennedy, abc 7 news. tonight, a warning for metro riders to park at commuter -- to commuter lots. the tripoli say there has been a spiked -- metro police said inre has been a spike parking lots. they say they're taking items sight. plain the police say they will increase their patrols. the lead attorney for the man accused of the deadly fort hood has stepped down. the announcement comes the same that he was arraigned. he cannot plead guilty because is facing the death penalty.
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he was charged with killing 13 and wounding 32 at fort 2009.n former presidential couldate john edwards vote to $0.3 million to the federal government. the federal election commission $2.3 million to the federal election commission. he received said s not entitled to. he is already facing cover-up charges on his affair. still to come, new problems for the post office, and talk about cutting back. at that help for the unemployed at a local university. >> help for the unemployed at university. siders say they have a deal e debt. but it may be too late. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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congressional leaders are heading down pennsylvania avenue about thedo something debt crisis. >> president obama is meeting with lawmakers this evening.
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there is word he may be willing a short-term fix for the debt. rebecca cooper is following the st developments and has more room.the news >> this afternoon at the white house, the president and senior democrats met. at 5:15, he called the ican leaders of the house and senate to find a compromise. the latest offer is expected to contain ways to cut the deficit viouslyd been pre declared dead on arrival. the president held meetings to push the deal. only problem, it may be too late for the latest version of a t deal to get done. it proposes $3.2 trillion in reduction, hatched by mark warner and a bipartisan group of five senators months ago through been seen as taboo, a and cuts inew taxes spending, including entitlements. >> to have a bipartisan group
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eet and show general approval the plan and have the president back at and it is momentum. >> another plan would cut the cabin spending and approve the ced budget. s backed by many conservatives. >> rather than devise a plan of their own, liberal simply want taxes.e >> this is a colossal waste of time. >> what a scam. >> this crisis lacks compromise, not lacking metaphors. officials say they proposed a toll booth t is too late if i ass the big deal before the deadline, officials aid the president would sign one short-term deal to get a
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one. bigger rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. next, a major portion of new york's 9/11 memorial is hosted place -- listed in place. >> and doug hill will tell us about the triple digit heat. that the nfl negotiations reached a crescendo and the next 48 hours are critical. houston, the national scramble to stay even in the national league east.
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10 years after the september attacks, a fire truck damaged the world trade is on display at the tional september 11 memorial and museum. it belonged to ladder company 3. 11 firefighters were on board ruck and all died when the towers collapsed. the post office is its deliveryutting
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three days per week. >> they already want to drop weaken delivery to shrink their deficit. this move would save $3.1 million each year, they tell us. the postmaster general is not ruling it out. this year is on pace to be worst for home sales since the housing market collapsed. home sales fell 28% last month, but economists say 6 million homes should be sold per year and a healthy market. dropped in four of years.t five job-seekers lined up outside of george washington university career fair. dozens of people lined up. the goal was to match d.c. ofidents with hundreds available jobs at local universities and hospitals. the unemployment rate and the
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district is 9%. in the city, it is as high as 25%. hot day to be standing in line. outside it the belfort rniture weather center, hazy sunshine. the moisture level has increased. the current heat index in the is 105 degrees. more heat and timidity on the way. is the excessive heat ning that has been posted tomorrow, noon until 8:00 and friday. saturday is still going to be way up there with temperatures. is the score board. with the clouds, that suppressed temperatures today, 93 degrees, 89 the average, 77 the morning low. 90 degrees at quantico, 92 in the city. when you factor in dead heat and dity, it feels like 105
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degrees. -- when you factor in the heat and humidity it feels like 105 rees. these are the records the next ays.d national, the best chance to break the record is saturday. we will watch bwi, that is safe tomorrow. friday may be close. when you take the very high temperatures with unusually high amounts of moisture in the air, the excessiveuts into effect. 90 pittsburgh, 95 detroit, 97 chicago, 109 degrees heat index in indianapolis. the east andg to that is the pattern the next few days. the radar, a tropical storm brett which had weekend, top winds of 45 m.p.h., the new tropical storm cindy will fade away in the cold water.
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clusters of thunderstorms. it will not be impossible the hat a slowe days t y thunderstorm could somewhere because of the increasing instability in the air. tomorrow, hot and getting hotter, near 100 degrees, higher humidity through the day. 102 -- near 102 friday, degrees saturday, we back off monday and tuesday. especially with this weather, keep in touch at, the ther tab, interactive radar, blogs, to help you get through this upcoming weather event. the toyota sports report, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. are we going to have an nfl
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season? >> i think we will, but who knows what it will start. ink we will get everything in. it is time to put up or shut up on both sides. the nfl player representatives to vote on it until the presented to their teammates. the executive committee is speak. as we ill vote tomorrow. i don't think commissioner roger dell would put this deal, which contains a new collective ining agreement, i don't think he would put it to vote if not confident it would be ratified. the bears and the rams have pushed back the start of their training camps and the hall of is up in the >> today's meeting is not to okay the deal and move forward. our board is here iso that if te deal is there, they will propose of the players in the nfl. the nationals and astros
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battled into extra innings this afternoon. jason wortyson werth, two-run he his first home run since 28th of june. jason michaels, walk-off. the nationals lose 3-2, and they lose two games out of 3. camden yards, red sox- ellsbury with two mers. boston beat baltimore, 4-0 and takes it two games out of three from the orioles. victor martinez, racing around third. here comes the throw. will they get him?
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martinez activates the tag with f the week. t that as a move he learned in little league, the play of the day. tiger woods has fired his longtime caddy, stevie williams. tiger did not say when he would return to golf. his caddy released a statement he is shocked. he said given the circumstances working through the scandal, w coach, his new swing, he is disappointed to end this successful partnerships. the mystics it played out against atlanta, and a big night, p 33 points, atlanta beat shington, 86-79. it has been a tough season for
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the mystics. out, thekins are locked wizards are locked out, the mystics are losing, the are time good
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had to or facebook page -- head o our facebook page. bufford it to pass along the word to your facebook friends. -- don't forget to pass along the word to your facebook friends. excessive heat warning in rrow and friday from noon until 8:00 p.m. we start the day with temperatures in the 70's, high humidity. in the afternoon, the temperatures rise between 98-101 degrees. the next seven days, the heat does not relate back off until sunday. degrees friday, 100 degrees saturday. bob ryan will have the latest at on the warnings and his updated forecast at 11:00.
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